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I see a church that is empowered by the Holy Spirit. A church that influences the lives of families and generations. I see a church that is powerful and influential. A church that is a light and darkness cannot overcome it. I see a church whose worship fills the heavens and causes God’s presence to rain on the earth.

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I see a church where the word of God builds people into men and women of faith who move mountains and are unshakable and immovable in their devotion to Christ. I see a church that isn’t influenced by culture. A church that is unmoved by the voices of the naysayers, skeptics and doubters. I see a church that is large enough to influence the community, its culture and its government. I see a church that doesn’t survive, but thrives in abundance and overflow. I see a church that is on the move and never settles or stops, but moves forward in purpose and mission. I see a church that raises up leaders, pastors, teachers, and ministers of the Gospel. A church that connects the next generation to God’s purpose on the earth. I see a church that dreams dreams that becomes the vision and mission of our sons and daughters. I see a church that causes heaven to cheer and hell to tremble. A church that is passionate, courageous, and unrelenting in the pursuit of God. I see a church that houses healing. It’s a church that believes in a supernatural God. A church of the miraculous that sees the impossible become possible. A church where lives are radically changed. I see a church that lives for one name and no other name. It’s a church that exists to worship, preach, teach, and proclaim the name of Jesus.