What Sabbath Means to Me!

By May 9, 2016Blog

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The Sabbath is a constant reorientation of values for me. Instead of tethering my identity to what I DO for 6 days a week, I choose to rest on this one day in what’s been done for me.


It is a space and a time that values promise over production. It is a sacred moment that values God’s presence over my weekly performance. It reminds me that I am not a human “doing” but a human “being” and a human being who has amnesia about where his worth lies at the end of every week. On this day my net worth or my socioeconomic status is not what defines me but the intrinsic worth that is granted to me by the Creator. What I have accomplished is not as important as who I am as an image bearer.

Sabbath is that day that resists every voice but the one that says, “You are enough.” To Sabbath, is to FIGHT against the culture of consumerism and with conviction say, “I have enough!” To Sabbath, is to EXISTS in a realm of time where the goal is not to have but to be, not to gain but to give, not to compete but to compliment, not to withhold but to share, not to strive but to rest in the goodness of our God. It is an audacious act of faith that places our trust in God to provide rather than our ability to work another day. Instead we celebrate this time of rest liberally with dance and music and art and food and drinks and dinners and sunsets and nature and fellowship. We worship in song and in word and in prayer and petition and servitude. Because we can, because we’re free, because God’s glory is revealed in a human being fully alive.