Growth Track

Growth Track is a catalyst to help you become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. From the initial decision to accept Jesus as your Lord, to your final destination in life-changing ministry.  We will lead you step-by-step. For a listing of these events by date and location, view the Schedule of Events.

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At CoastLife, we believe that serving is an essential part of growing and becoming more like Christ. Every weekend, there are dozens of volunteers who sacrifice their time and effort to serve and be a part of all the great things that God is doing here. If you would like to be a part of a ministry team, please fill out our Dream Team form. We look forward to connecting more with you and having you on the team!

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Baptism Service Registration

If you have recently decided to follow Jesus, water baptism is a great next step in your faith journey. As an outward declaration of the decision you have made to surrender your heart to Jesus, it’s a significant moment that will serve as a reminder that the old is gone. God has saved you and will be faithful to continue what He has started in your life.

As a church, we hold baptisms every few months and it would be our privilege to host you and your friends and family as you take the plunge. Please fill out the registration here if you would like to take this step.  We will contact you once you’re signed up and let you know the details. No worries, it’s simple and easy.

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Baptism Service Sunday, November 26th at the 12:30pm service.

Child Dedications


If you would like to dedicate your child to God through CoastLife Church, it would be our honor to do that. Please register here and we will follow up with you on how to come prepared to this service. If you have any questions on what this is, feel free to email us and we would be glad to answer any questions.

Next dedication:

September 1-2, 2018

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