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Jason Warman

I See a Church

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Florida Local Church | Venice Sunday Service

I see a church that is empowered by the Holy Spirit. A church that influences the lives of families and generations. I see a church that is powerful and influential. A church that is a light and darkness cannot overcome it. I see a church whose worship fills the heavens and causes God’s presence to rain on the earth. Continue reading “I See a Church” »

Disconnect to Reconnect

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FL Reconnect with God | Church in Venice

Part of me believes the 24 hour news channels will be the undoing of our society. How can there be that much to talk about? The truth is there isn’t, so issues are created and then debated. Every day you can hear people arguing and debating about a different issue facing our country. I personally believe bare knuckle boxing would be a better way to settle these issues. After pummeling one another you could both hug and leave with a better appreciation for the other. Continue reading “Disconnect to Reconnect” »

Is Karma a Thing?

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FL Local Church | Florida Study Topics

Many people believe in Karma. It’s the idea that what you “put out” into the universe is what you will receive back. For instance, if you kick a Grandmother in the shin then someone will kick your Grandmother in the shin. Which raises the question, why are you kicking anyone in the shin, let alone a Grandmother? Which raises another question for me, is there any truth to this mystic belief? I believe the full idea of Karma is off kilter, but I also believe a portion of it is very true. The reason I believe it is true is because God is the originator of the laws of seed time and harvest. The bible clearly teaches the principle of “sowing and reaping.” This principle teaches that my words, decisions, and actions are seeds that produce a harvest. In fact, Paul said: Continue reading “Is Karma a Thing?” »